Travelling by car to Tasmania

All vehicles in Australia (including Tasmania) travel on the LEFT HAND SIDE of the road with a maximum speed limit of 110 kilometres per hour.  You can drive in Tasmania on your overseas drivers licence if you are a visitor OR have a temporary visa. Care must be taken whilst driving especially between dusk and dawn as many wild animals are moving about at this time.

If you are travelling by car from mainland Australia to Tasmania then the Spirit of Tasmania ( is your answer.  Book with the following link to receive an Exclusive Member’s Page 5% discount:  Please note booking and amendment fees do apply to non-internet bookings.  Bookings for this event are valid for travel between 30/09/2019 – 15/12/2019.  Be sure to book early as this is a popular and busy sea bridge to Tasmania.


You will need a valid Australian visitor visa to enter Australia. Visas can be applied for on-line by visiting: Visa finder

Australia DOES NOT issue visas on arrival.  All visas must be valid before entry.

Getting To Tasmania

If you are travelling as a spectator and would like assistance with organising and booking your itinerary for the perfect ‘World Fly Fishing Championship’ holiday in Tasmania please go to


Pre-event Help and Assistance

For teams requiring help and assistance with pre-event accommodation traveling to fishing destinations and other matters, local guides and hosts will be offering their services. All arrangements between teams and hosts are to be negotiated between teams and hosts and not through the event organisers.  For further detail contact .